Where Blooms Love


by Cheryl Rae Johnson and other contributing authors



“Nobody Knows Me Like You” leads a lineup of eight Christian romances. In this novella, Arlene has her life planned out. She will marry Jack, start a family, and take care of her aging parents.  But Arlene soon learns, life doesn’t always turn out as planned. As war wages overseas, with Jack in the midst of it, Arlene is fighting her own battles to discover where God is leading her and if Jack will even be a part of that plan. Caught in the changing tide of love, war, and a new era, Arlene’s world gets turned upside down as she matures into the woman God intended her to be.

In addition to this short story, seven other great stories are included. From the editor:

Love is in bloom in this inspiring collection of romances. In these seasonal stories, meet a young Loyalist who discovers a wounded patriot hiding in her barn, forcing her to choose between turning him in or first nursing him back to health. When a king issues a one-year challenge between sisters, who will become the next queen and who will find love? A wounded soldier attends a Star Wars marathon and finds his future. And a horse and a baby bridge the way for an unlikely couple to explore a life together.

Across cultural differences, political divisions, and historical timelines, each novella carries Spring’s life-giving promise that love unites hearts because God first loved us. Hope blossoms in this fresh collection of love stories penned by these Elk Lake Publishing best-selling authors